Main goals of Mirage

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Mediterranean Intermittent River ManAGEment offers new way to control the water pollution

Most of state-members of European Union has already started transformation of energy system. But it is only one problem of the whole specter. Clean water is not less important than fossil fuels or electricity, that is why “Mediterranean Intermittent River ManAGEment” group was created. Its main goal is taking control over all floods in temporary waters. Let us tell you more about the problem.

Thrash Heroes: a sponsorship of eco-activists?

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According to the latest researches, six countries, that produce the vast of plastic wastes are located in South-East Asia, and the cleaning the seafloor must be a main task for them. In the Thailand some of activists considered that even individual action could make a difference. Looking forward, we might say that they have succeed and their main achievement is people’s attention to the pollution of the ocean. But, is it a real progress or just a PR campaign for some financial institutions as IQ Option (source : https://moneyonlinethai.com) ?