7 Steps that will improve quality of water and ecological status of your Mediterranean water basin

After the all goals were approved, time for action has come. There were 7 milestones that created the ground for our research against water pollution in all domains. We want to tell more about each of them.

  1. First of all, it was needed to manage the data about the current level of pollution of all temporary streams. Some state-parties were glad to cooperate with us, and some were pretty unfriendly.
    But we make all possible to get the fullest picture of the situation in the Mediterranean basin.
  2. Then we had to analyze the ecosystem dynamics in certain regions to calculate the maximum allowable amount of pollution. By the way, we made a research for every country, even if it is a terrestrial state.
  3. Next step is development of programme of Measures for each country. We were focused on fining of right proportion of hazardous substances that could be used in agricultural sector in period of drought.
  4. Approaching phase was connected with a lot of trouble. For example, some countries had not been suffering of drought for the whole testing period, so all recommendations could not be examined. Anyway, results of implementation of measures in countries with flood and drought phases, were promising.
  5. Ecohydrology concepts sound like something unreal for the most of farmers and agricultural unions in the countries that has become the part of European Union in the period last 5-7 year. Government had implemented the Water Framework Directive, but it did nothing to explain citizens how it will work in certain country. So instead of getting the results, our group had to persuade common farmers that control of temporary floods is very important.
  6. But it was not enough to just make countries to implement measures, we have to support the approaching of them. And it was great, because we could control every action, every process and be sure that all have been done in right way. The hardest part is to create models that could be developed in nearest future, depending on the results of the most recent researches. So there was created local knowledge base in every country, which included information about the project itself, its main advantages and all the data about possible development.
  7. The last goal is to make all the temporary streams in Mediterranean water basin known and legal. The ecological situation will become much better if every company or farm will inform the state services about the pollution and follow all developed measures and recommendations.

Final part of our blog will be available in next few days. Our team would like to tell about conclusions and results. All the credits will be there too. See you soon!