According to the latest researches, six countries, that produce the vast of plastic wastes are located in South-East Asia, and the cleaning the seafloor must be a main task for them. In the Thailand some of activists considered that even individual action could make a difference. Looking forward, we might say that they have succeed and their main achievement is people’s attention to the pollution of the ocean. But, is it a real progress or just a PR campaign for some financial institutions as IQ Option (source : ?

It may seem that pollution issues are decreasing, but this statement is true only if we are talking about the water edge. For example, the latest researches proved that amount of toxins in the deeper part of the ocean is much higher than it has to be. The main source of pollution is micro-plastics which causes damage to the marine food chain.

People who care

So-called “thrash heroes” were started as the eco-movement four years ago in Thailand, but now they transformed into powerful force which fights the ocean pollution all over the world. It is pretty inspiring story: a small group of enthusiasts believed that people may handle with wastes on the beach without the government, so they made it through. Nowadays more than 20,000 of volunteers take part in annual environmental protection campaigns.

Leader of the movement told us that social media helped to organize people. They did not ask for signs or money; Trash Heroes were asking for action. The inspiration played important role too, because after the events, a lot of people decided to create local eco-establishments. We might say that the name of organization perfectly fits it, because it combines element of environmental protection with positive social message. But who are their sponsors?

An ecological progress or just a PR Campaign?

Our small investigation revealed an interesting fact. On the most of events powerful agitation for binary option broker called IQ option took place, also we found strange regularity: some new campaigns started in Thailand where IQ option opened the offices. We cannot decrease the importance of the Trash Heroes and their actions which are aimed on the environmental protection, but it looks like famous company just wants to gain some popularity using social and ecological problems of the region. The Siam commercial bank is also suspected to use Trash Heroes actions to PR campaigns through sponsorships.

But we think that finally, it does not matter so much

Because finally Thailand became much cleaner, beaches are save for people and even children, and the problem of the ocean pollution in South-East Asia got attention from Europe and United States. At least, IQ option does not force anybody to use it, and the amount of their donations does not depend on the amount of participants.