Mediterranean Intermittent River ManAGEment offers new way to control the water pollution

Most of state-members of European Union has already started transformation of energy system. But it is only one problem of the whole specter. Clean water is not less important than fossil fuels or electricity, that is why “Mediterranean Intermittent River ManAGEment” group was created. Its main goal is taking control over all floods in temporary waters. Let us tell you more about the problem.

As far as you may know, most of chemical wastes from factories are utilized into water. And this is the problem : financials are considered as more important than ecology – here’s an interesting thesis about. Some companies do not want to spend extra money to dispose from garbage in proper way, that is why they prefer to do it illegally. In this case, most water flood become much more polluted and it is pretty hard to find the source of hazard.

Fortunately, majority of countries in Mediterranean water basin are members of European Union and they signed Water Framework Directive, so they were glad to start this kind of research. We must underline, that participation was completely voluntary and Morocco has decided to join.

It was the great step in development of Integrated Water Resources Management.

So the action has started. In Mediterranean water basin there is a lot of temporary floods, and most of them were registered officially, and some are still hiding from the law. The hidden ones refer to companies that work with chemical wastes but try to skulk for this. Anyway, their pollution may increase level of hazard and make the ecological situation in some regions much worse. By the way, even factories that have a license for utilization could exceed the allowable amount of wastes.

Mediterranean Intermittent River Management is focused on finding of described gaps and overcoming them. It means that primary task is to get the fullest picture of the temporary flows in Mediterranean water basin and search for gaps. Gaps is some kind of inconsistencies. For example, there is only one small factory in the town, but the pollution level is much higher than it should be. Our mission in to find out what is really happening and what is the true amount of chemical wastes.

Now it may sound too insignificantly, but in one or two decades, the amount of clean water in European reservoirs may decrease and the Mediterranean Sea is the closest and the biggest source of it. In this way, we consider that working on problem of pollution of temporary floods is easier to solve right now. And it is great that most of governors do understand it.